Help Local Organizations Through the Purchase of a Community Shirt

As the spread of COVID19 takes its toll on the world economy, local small organizations, businesses and charities are feeling the financial squeeze. Due to the outbreak a number of local organizations in the Thousand Islands region have had to either close their doors, limit the services and hours they are able to provide to their clientele, or see their usual steady stream of clientele diminish. This can be detrimental to local organizations, as their revenue streams decrease and their expenses continue to add up. 

This allows for a unique opportunity. It allows us to all pull together as a community and support a number of local organizations who may need a hand in this difficult time.

Thousand Islands Apparel is proud to announce that we are releasing two limited edition T-Shirts. With each shirt purchase, $10 will be donated towards local organizations that could use a helping hand. Not only do you receive a limited edition Thousand Islands Apparel shirt, but you get to help out by supporting a local community organization.

In these uncertain times, we are stronger if we pull together.

Share this unique opportunity with friends and family and help our community by purchasing your very own Limited Edition Thousand Islands Apparel T-Shirt.

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